An excursion into the world of proven and reliable gas stoves.

An excursion into the world of proven and reliable gas stoves.

An excursion into the world of proven and reliable gas stoves.

In the presence of a centralized gas supply system to apartments, gas stoves remain favorites, surpassing their electrical counterparts in many respects. The selection of a new model in the context of an extensive assortment is often perplexing, if the available information has not been previously studied, the reviews of the owners have not been analyzed.

There are several basic indicators that can affect the selection of the right stove model, which will organically fit into specific kitchen conditions.


It is necessary to start evaluating the slab with the technical characteristics. A particularly important function is the Gas Control system. In the event of an involuntary extinction of the flame, the supply system is automatically blocked and the gas does not enter the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Only one burner can be equipped with such functionality, although it is preferable to purchase a stove where the control option is installed on both the burners and the oven.

The electric ignition system has already proven its convenience and is becoming familiar. It is safer than matches or a lighter. Advanced gas stoves start to function automatically.

When you turn the lever or press the button, the flame will immediately light up.


The standard height of most models of gas stoves is 85 cm, although there are products with legs that can be adjusted. If an autonomous built-in gas panel is selected, then its height varies in the range from three to ten centimeters, as, for example, in the products of Gefest (Belarus). Model Greta CB-4 (Ukraine) has a height of 7.5 cm.

For the rational placement of the stove in a specific interior, the most important dimensions of a household gas stove are depth and width. For a mini kitchen, among the assortment, you should pay attention to products with a width of 50 cm. It would be a good solution if the depth is the same size or 54 cm as in the models of the Greta company (Ukraine).

If such a compact stove is preferred, it should be understood that the hob must have two burners. In this case, you can use pots of different diameters. Of course, there are mini cookers with four burners.

It should be borne in mind that this option is suitable for small pans and pots.

More convenient will be a slab 50 cm wide with a depth of 60 cm, for example, Nord PG4-104-3A (Ukraine). Since kitchen sets usually have the same depth dimension, these items will create a perfectly flat front line. Now the hob can rationally accommodate four cooking zones without being too cramped.

When deciding which dimensions of the stoves are the most optimal, you should stop at the standard ratio of width and depth of 60×60 cm.In such models, the hob is convenient (Nord PGA-204-7A – Ukraine), since all four burners are freely placed, and you can cook several dishes at the same time …

Of course, the above dimensions of the gas stoves are not the only ones. For a mini kitchen, you can find a variety even 30 cm wide.For spacious country kitchens, manufacturers of gas stoves offer products with a width of 90 and even 100 cm.

Standard kitchen dimensions objectively affect the final selection of a stove from an assortment of narrow mini models. It should be noted that the smaller width does not negatively affect the quality of the product. If such legendary brands as Gorenjie (Slovenia), Indesit (Italy), Gefest (Belarus), Hansa (Germany), Deluxe (Russia) have attracted attention, then there is no doubt that a full set of necessary functions will be provided.

There are narrow mini-cookers in the assortment of Greta (Ukraine), which demonstrate low gas consumption.