Puzata Hata reviews.

Puzata Hata reviews.

Puzata Hata reviews.

Best of all. Very convenient location. The food is delicious, just like the whole chain. The most interesting feature is the view from the window.

I don’t know how they managed to make the slums outside the window look normal. It sounds stupid, but when I eat there, the view from the window somehow adds to my appetite.

Everything is always fresh and tasty! The prices are very good, I doubt that somewhere you can have a full meal for the same amount. Borscht is always incomparable!

Keep in mind that taking a large portion of borscht, the second may not fit, since this is not water with a couple of potatoes, this is a rich assortment of vegetables, beans and meat, of which there are not few!) Actually why not five stars: the absence of its own latrine and three cash desks , which cannot cope with a full load, they have to stand for a long time, the food freezes. And when the download is not full, there is still a queue, albeit not so huge. And all because only one or two work out of 3 cash registers. But these are perhaps the only small drawbacks. There are many seats, the ladies cleaning the dishes are very polite and friendly!

Service is great!

The place is good, both in the choice of food and in design. I used to always go to Puzataya Khata when I came to Kiev. This time I was a little upset that a couple of dumplings in the plate were connected from the inside with some kind of thread. From what it is made, I did not understand, it looked like some kind of vein. But it’s somehow strange that they were connected from the inside.

I did not dare to eat.

Service is good. The cooks are attentive. The food is delicious home-style and the spices smell delicious.

At the checkout, you can pay in cash and non-cash. If you can sit by the window, you will have a beautiful view of the park. Nice music is relaxing.

I advise you to visit.

Great, not expensive place to eat delicious food. At the checkout, you can pay both in cash and by bank transfer, as well as for hi customers there is an opportunity to pay from the Bonus Plus account. If you have a receipt, you can go to the shopping center toilet for free.

Of the minuses – they are not allowed to play https://ru.life-hacks.fun/page-meditatsiia-dlia-nachinaiushchikh-11-prostykh-sovetov board games.

It’s a good place to eat, but there is one drawback for some reason in all the establishments of this cafe, foreign music is played, after all, we are in our own country and I would like to hear something of our own. here it became not intimate before here I spent 500-700 hryvnia and for an hour 150 maximum draw your own conclusions.

The coachman, do not invent (to put it mildly), he left 500-700. And whom did the whole village feed? PX is an ordinary tavern.

With normal soups, disgusting salads (like Caesar), neutral service and otherwise the same hawk, but with ridiculous prices (but a slice of bread for 1 (?) UAH is a crust).